Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sherlwyn Tan, Travel Editor

"At the back of my neck is a portrait of my favourite flower species, Lilium Lancifollium aka tiger lily. On my left rib, I had skura/cherry blossom trees tattooed; it was my first tattoo gift from my fiance. He designed and inked it on me; only he knows what inspired that artwork. The 5 clear stars on my left wrist represents my immediate family members. The small black stars are accompanying elements.
On my right wrist, 'S' represents my initial and also it explains my existence. The intertwined red and black stars are meant to reflect me and my partner. Lastly, on my left ankle lies a cluster of snowflakes. These ice crystals are beautiful and it is next to impossible for two snowflakes to be exactly alike. To me, it represents all life forms and existence. We are all created with our own uniqueness."

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